Mahalakshmi Joins Instagram Amidst Ravindra's Legal Issues
Mahalakshmi is a Tamil actress who has registered on Instagram to show her support for her arrested husband, Ravindra
Ravindra was arrested in July 2023 on charges of money laundering and fraud.
Mahalakshmi has been using her Instagram account to share photos and videos of herself and Ravindra.
Mahalakshmi's decision to register on Instagram has been met with mixed reactions
Some people have praised her for her courage and support for her husband, while others have criticized her for being insensitive to the victims of Ravindra's alleged crimes.
It is important to note that Ravindra is still under investigation and has not yet been convicted of any crimes.
she is free to make her own decisions about her life.
Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they agree with Mahalakshmi's decision to register on Instagram.